Valorant eDPI Calculator

Valorant eDPI Calculator

How to use this eDPI Calculator

To use this calculator, simply enter your in-game Valorant sensitivtiy into the first section, then for the second section you will need to enter your mouse DPI. Once you have done both of those two things, you will be able to see your new calculated eDPI within the third display box.

What is eDPI in Valorant?

eDPI (effective dots per inch) is a value which combines your game sensitivity with your mouse DPI to make a much easier way to compare sensitivity speeds with others. The reasoning as to why it makes it easier is quite self-explanatory: it’s because eDPI takes two separate values and turns them into one universal and easy to understand value of speed.

Here’s an example of how eDPI can be used:

Let’s say that you want to compare your sensitivity speed with a friend. In the traditional method, you would have to give that friend both your game sensitivity (in this case it’s your Valorant sens), and your mouse DPI. Your friend would then have to take those two values and try to figure out roughly how fast your sensitivity speed is. If that friend uses a different DPI, then it may be confusing for them to grasp how fast your sens actually is. In contrast, you could have given your friend your eDPI, and because of the fact that it is a universal value of speed, that friend could know right away as to how fast your sensitivity speed really is.

Sensitivity bracket for Valorant

Here is our sensitivity bracket for eDPI speeds in Valorant. This bracket should help you with understanding eDPI speeds better, which in turn will help you when comparing with friends, pros, or anybody alike:

Low Sens 0-200 eDPI
Medium Sens 200-400 eDPI
High Sens 400+ eDPI

From what we have found, most pro players tend to stay within the 180-400 eDPI range. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad if you go outside this range, in fact many players do, but this might give you a good idea for what your eDPI should be.