About Us

What is GamingSmart?

GamingSmart is a US-based gaming content publisher which specializes in providing gaming tools, guides, and studies. We specifically specialize in the areas of sensitivity converters, eDPI calculators, informational gaming guides, as well as gaming product guides.

Our primary mission at GamingSmart is to help visitors improve their gaming skills. Whether that’s through our tools, our guides, or even our studies; we simply hope to give people what they need so that they can ultimately be a better player and or have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Aside from our primary goal of helping gamers improve, we do also hope to entertain and or educate people through our exclusive studies that we conduct.

How we started

GamingSmart was initially created back in the middle of 2019. At the time, the sole focus of the site was to be about showcasing the in-game settings of Esports professional players. Back then, the site also went by a different name: FortSettings.

After some time, we realized that specific area of expertise wasn’t our strong suit, so in late 2020 we decided to transition the site to have a new purpose. This new purpose would be to help people play better through gaming tools, informative guides, and studies. Along with this new purpose came a new name – GamingSmart. The idea behind the name is that by coming to our site and using our useful content, you are quite literally “gaming smarter” than you otherwise would.

The site transition proved to be a huge success. Traffic, user engagement, and positive feedback all increased. Ever since then, we have been laser-focused on providing our new type of content to visitors and readers.

Who we are

As of right now, the team at GamingSmart consists of just a few people, yet the majority of the site is run by only one person:

Manning Author Photo

Hi, that’s me, Manning. I’m the owner and founder of GamingSmart. I’m also an avid gamer, and that’s more or less why I started this site in the first place – because it is based on something I enjoy.

I essentially created this website from scratch, and I still manage it almost fully to this day. In the early days of the site, it was only getting a dozen or two views per day. Since then, I have scaled this website into a legitimate publication that pulls millions of visitors per year.

As previously mentioned, the GamingSmart team consists of only a handful of people. Yet despite GamingSmart being a small operation, the combined gaming experience that we have is extensive. For example, I myself am an ex-professional player in both CS:GO and Overwatch, have well over 10,000+ hours in overall gaming play-time and have been playing games for well over a decade. Couple that with all of my and the team’s technological experience, and there’s no questioning that we can deliver authentic, accurate, and reliable information.

As a fellow gamer myself, I generally know what other gamers want in terms of content. I know that gaming tools should be simple and easy to use and that guides should get straight to the point. That type of thought process is applied to everything we do and create here on GamingSmart, and that’s why I believe this site is so great compared to the competition.

Looking forward

Our main goal for the upcoming years is to keep expanding and improving our site and its content as best as possible. We have grown so much since 2019, and we don’t plan on stopping that growth any time soon.

If you wish to reach out to us, you can do so by email at [email protected]