Mouse Sensitivity Converter & Calculator

Mouse Sensitivity Converter (YAW)

How to use this sensitivity converter

You will only need a few things in order to operate this sensitivity converter tool. Those things include: your game sensitivity (of the original game that you’re converting from), your mouse DPI, and knowing what games you will be converting to and from.

Once you have all of that required info, you can begin to fill in all of the 5 user inputs that are in this converter.

Upon entering all the required inputs (convert from, convert to, original in-game sens, from DPI, to DPI), you will instantly be able to see your new calculated sensitivity under the “Converted Sensitivity” section.

Beside the converted sensitivity section you will also see two other calculated fields. These two fields are your 360 rotation measurements in both inches and centimeters. Just to clarify what that means: those measurements represent how far you have to move your mouse in real life in order to do a full spin (360) in game.

About this sens converter

This sensitivity converter / calculator does exactly what it sounds like it does; it converts sensitivities between games. That means by using this converter tool, you will be able to keep your favorite sensitivity throughout any game you play. The major benefit to doing so is that you will be able to keep your hard earned muscle memory in every game – and that’s the exact reason why so many people nowadays are using these types of tools.

Supported games: