Overwatch eDPI Calculator

Overwatch eDPI Calculator

How to use this eDPI Calculator

There are only two things that you need to do in order to operate this calculator. The first thing you’ll need to do is enter your Overwatch sensitivity in to the first box where asked, then for the second box you will need to enter your mouse DPI. After you enter those two values into the calculator, you will see your eDPI appear in the final display section.

Most people already know or atleast know how to find those two values that you’ll need. But in case you’re unaware, we’ll help you out:

To find your game sensitivity you will need to load into Overwatch. Once you’re in the game, head on into the settings menu, then navigate to the “controls” tab. Once you’re in there, you will be able to see a slider which displays your Overwatch sens.

For finding your DPI, you will have to go into your respected mouse’s software, whether that’s Razer, Logitech, Corsair, etc. It’s generally pretty easy to find once your in the mouse software.

What is eDPI used for?

eDPI’s primary use is for comparing sensitivity speeds with or to others, such as pro players, friends, etc. The reason why so many people are using eDPI nowadays is quite easy to understand: it’s because it makes everything a whole lot easier than when you’re comparing one sensitivity measurement versus two sensitivity measurements.

The original method of comparing sensitivities would be through both game sens and mouse DPI. Whereas eDPI already takes those two values into account, meaning eDPI is a far more simple and easy to use value because it’s universal regardless of individuals’ DPI settings.

Sensitivity bracket for Overwatch

Low Sens 0-3000 eDPI
Medium Sens 3000-6000 eDPI
High Sens 6000+ eDPI