Fortnite eDPI Calculator

Fortnite eDPI Calculator

How to use this eDPI Calculator

All you have to do to work this calculator is enter your in-game Fortnite sensitivity (which can be found in the games options menu) into the first section where asked. Then for the second scetion you will have to enter your mouse’s DPI. After you have done both of those things, you will be able to see your calculated eDPI within the third area.

What is eDPI?

eDPI, or effective dots per inch, is a value which combines your game sensitivity with your mouse DPI to make a much easier way to compare sensitivity speeds with others. eDPI is basically your true sensitivity, meaning the higher the number, the faster the sensitivity. The same goes the other way, meaning the lower the number, the slower your sensitivity will be.

The reason why so many people nowadays are using eDPI to compare sensitivities is because it’s simply easier than comparing their separate settings – in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI.

Say for example: you want to compare your sensitivity with a friend. In the traditional method, you would give that friend both your game sens and DPI, then that friend would have to figure out how fast your sensitivity is based off of those numbers. On the other hand, you could’ve given that friend your eDPI, which already takes both of those factors into account. That means that your friend would get a general idea as to what sensitivity speed your using because of the fact that eDPI is a universal number of speed.

Sensitivity bracket for Fortnite

This sensitivity bracket should give you a better idea as to what a slow, medium, and fast sensitivity are in Fortnite, based off of eDPI.

Low Sens 0-40 eDPI
Medium Sens 40-80 eDPI
High Sens 80+ eDPI

If you happen to use different X/Y sensitivity values, then what you should do instead to calculate your eDPI is to only enter your X-axis value into our calculator. Most people will compare their eDPI’s based off of their X-axis value (360 rotation) anyway, so the Y-axis value doesn’t really matter.

There is no exact “best” eDPI for Fortnite, mainly because all players have their own different preferences. Although saying that, we do recommend to stay within the 32-72 eDPI range as this is what most professional players do.