CS:GO eDPI Calculator

CS:GO eDPI Calculator
Raw Input
Windows Sensitivity

How to use this eDPI Calculator

There are only 3 inputs that you need to provide in order to work this calculator and ultimately find your eDPI.

1. The first input is your CS:GO sensitivity. Your sensitivity can be found within the games' settings menu, as well as in the console.

2. The second input is your mouse DPI. Your mouse DPI can be found through your mouse's software.

3. Finally, we have the raw input option. To find out whether you use raw input or not, go into CS:GO's console and type "m_rawinput" and you will see a number appear next to that piece of text. That number will either be 1 or 0. If the number is 1, that means you use raw input. If the number is 0, that means that you do not use raw input.

3.5 If you do not happen to use raw input and set it to off in our calculator, you will see another section appear. This section will be asking for your windows sensitivity. By default, windows sensitivity is set to 6, but in case you want to verify what you use: press both the Windows and R. keys at the same time. After doing so, you will see a box pop up, enter "main.cpl" into that box and hit ok. Upon doing that you will see a new box appear, in that box you will have to click on the "Pointer Sections" tab. You will then be able to see a slider which shows your Windows Sensitivity.

Once you have all the simple information that you need, such as game sens, DPI, raw input, and mouse sensitivity, you can then start entering in all of that information to the calculator where asked.

After you fill in all of the required information, you will be able to see your calculated eDPI in the final section.

What is eDPI in CS:GO?

Effective dots per inch, or eDPI for short, is a value which combines both your game sensitivity with your mouse’s DPI. The point of combining these two values and forming eDPI is to ultimately create a measurement of sensitivity speed which is far easier to use, understand, and compare with others.

By using eDPI, you will be able to compare sensitivity speeds with anyone, regardless of their DPI settings, and still know roughly how fast their sens speed actually is.

Sensitivity bracket for CS:GO

This sensitivity bracket below should provide you with a better understanding of eDPI speeds in CS:GO:

Low Sens 0-700 eDPI
Medium Sens 700-1200 eDPI
High Sens 1200+ eDPI

eDPI is mostly different for every game. This means that you cannot compare your COD eDPI to say your Valorant eDPI – they just aren’t compatible.

In some cases it may be possible to compare eDPI’s, take CS:GO and TF2 as an example. Or even CS:GO and Apex. This is because these games are running on the same engine, so they use the same sensitivity value. So although you do have some games that are compatible, the majority of them are not.