Call of Duty eDPI Calculator

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare eDPI Calculator

How to use this eDPI Calculator

To find your Call of Duty eDPI, all you have to do is enter your in-game sensitivity into the first section in this calculator, then for the second section you will have to enter your mouse DPI (which can be found through your mouse’s software). After doing those two things, you will be able to see your calculated eDPI in the third and final section.

What is eDPI in COD?

Effective dots per inch, or commonly known as eDPI, is a value which combines your game sensitivity (in this case it’s your COD: MW / Warzone / Cold War sens) with your mouse DPI to create a much easier way to compare sensitivity speeds with others. The reason why it’s easier to use eDPI than the two separate values is pretty straight forward: it’s because you’re comparing one universal measurement versus two individual ones.