Best PC for Minecraft in 2022

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Best Gaming PC for Minecraft

It’s crucial to have a good gaming PC if you want to play Minecraft well and comfortably.

This is because Minecraft, like most other games nowadays, requires a lot of computing power to be able to play smoothly and without choppiness.

If your game isn’t running smoothly, then you’re simply going to have trouble enjoying and performing well in Minecraft. To avoid this problem, you’ll need a high-performance gaming PC.

Our team of expert gamers and tech-enthusiasts have already done the hard research for you by finding the best PCs for Minecraft. We’re going to give you the top 5 computer picks for playing Minecraft in this guide, so let’s get started.

Here are the best PCs for playing Minecraft:

1. SkyTech Archangel 3.0

Best overall Minecraft PC

SkyTech Archangel 3.0
1TB of SSD storage
NVIDIA 30 series graphics
Free mouse and keyboard included
Free 1 year warranty

The overall best Minecraft PC is the SkyTech Archangel 3.0. It’s an incredibly powerful computer which is equipped with some of the best components that there are to date. The machine handles gaming incredibly well and is also fantastic for ordinary computer use.

What makes this machine so powerful is the Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU, and the 16GB of RAM that is inside this computer. All of those components combined create a power-packed machine that will be able to handle gaming, and especially Minecraft, very well. Because of this computer’s power, it will also be able to easily handle other tasks such as streaming, rendering, graphic design, multi-tasking, 4K, and almost everything else that you need it to.

You also get a 1TB solid-state drive for computer storage – which is plenty of storage for the average person. A free gaming mouse and keyboard are also included with this computer. There is also a free 1-year warranty on parts and labor, so you can feel secure in your purchase.

All in all, the SkyTech Archangel is a fantastic and powerful prebuilt computer that will handle Minecraft, and every other game, exceptionally well. It is also fantastic for regular computer use, as well as specialty use such as streaming, multi-tasking, etc.

2. SkyTech Blaze II

Best budget-friendly Minecraft PC

SkyTech Blaze II
500GB of SSD storage
NVIDIA 16 series graphics
Free mouse and keyboard included
Free 1 year warranty

The SkyTech Blaze II is a fantastic budget-friendly gaming PC. Coming in at a cheaper price than the previously recommended PC, this one still packs a great amount of power to deliver fast computer speeds.

Inside this computer you’ll be getting a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU, and 8GB of DDR4 RAM. These components allow for great power for playing games, streaming, and whatever other tasks you’ll need the computer to do. This desktop will handle Minecraft very easily, and you’ll be able to play with mods, shaders, and max settings, while still maintaining high FPS and smooth gameplay.

Storage-wise, you get a 500GB solid-state drive. You also get a free gaming mouse and keyboard with this computer. A free 1-year warranty is included as well.

Overall, the Blaze II is an amazing budget-friendly gaming computer that has high performance for everything you need it to do. Playing Minecraft will be a breeze with it, and so will all other games. Regular desktop use is great as well, and this will handle streaming and all other computer tasks very well.

3. Alarco Gaming PC

Most affordable Minecraft PC

Alarco Gaming PC
1TB of HDD storage
NVIDIA 600 series graphics
More affordable
Free 1 year warranty

The most affordable gaming and Minecraft PC is the Alarco Gaming PC. This computer is a fantastic choice if you’re on a tight budget, as it packs reasonably decent power. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this machine.

Inside specifications include an i5-2400 CPU, Nvidia GTX 650 GPU, and 8GB of RAM. With these specs, you’ll be able to game and play Minecraft with decent frame rates and graphics. The computer will also handle all ordinary computer tasks with ease.

The Alarco PC comes with a free 1-year warranty, which is great security for your purchase. The case itself also has nice aesthetics with controllable RGB lighting, which is a big bonus for this cheaper price range.

The Alarco Gaming PC is an all-around great, affordable computer choice. It will handle gaming and Minecraft decently, and will handle the rest of your computer tasks effortlessly.

4. Acer Predator Helios 300

Best portable Minecraft PC

Acer Predator Helios 300
512GB of SSD storage
NVIDIA 30 series graphics
Highly portable
Free 1 year warranty

The best portable gaming and Minecraft PC is the Acer Predator Helios 300. This PC is a laptop, which makes it highly portable and easy to set up. It can be moved from place to place with ease, which allows for use while on the go or traveling.

Despite being so portable and compact, this PC is still immensely powerful. The inside components include an i7-11800H CPU, Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU, and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. This makes the computer very powerful and almost on par with the first recommended computer in this list. It will perform fantastically in every game including Minecraft. General computer use and even things like streaming and multi-tasking will be a breeze for this machine.

One amazing bonus about this laptop is that it has a 144hz display, which is great for competitive gaming and also for enjoyability.

All things considered, the Predator Helios 300 is an outstanding portable gaming PC that is great for when you’re on the go or if you travel around a lot.

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18 thoughts on “Best PC for Minecraft in 2022”

  1. Thank you for sharing your gamer wisdom, I so wish I knew you personally and could come help me figure out all this Minecraft stuff my son’s recently become obsessed with, in a good way. My problem though, is I like many of us, don’t have much money for a pc, or a gaming console. I’ve been researching like crazy, spending hours on out looking up information, and min requirements to play Minecraft… and the information out there is endless. When I found your info shared I definitely felt thankful, some genuine real advice and guidance. Though, being that if I did have even 200$ to spend to help me kid play Minecraft on anything other than a Kindle fire, what he has now and learned on, ide obviously just go buy a used switch or used console, but I don’t have 200$, I’ve barley got our rent being paid each month. But this Minecraft game, I honestly respect, and I’ve seen my son gain so much positive from playing it, it’s helped him learn to spell and read. from my research this last year, I’ve learned that there’s no console that competes with the PC version of Minecraft, and I honestly think him playing on a keyboard mouse PC, would actually give him even more learning experience and positive learning that’s beneficial towards just basic computer skills, typing, navigating it all. started looking at the cheaper mini pcs, and thought that’d be perfect, maybe even find something we could stream movies on as well. But from all the reviews I’ve read on over 100 different mini pcs that are in my price range, everyone’s very clearly mentioned they’re not for gaming. So I’ve lost hope, thought maybe I’ll just get the best one I can find, and see how it goes. Any advice on this from a wise gamer? we appreciate all your advice and guidance, truly😊

        1. My advice was similar to what Rachel replied in the comments.

          On a budget of only a couple hundred bucks, used / second-hand consoles will be your best option. You could also alternatively try and build a cheap gaming PC, there are plenty of tutorials on online on how to do so.

    1. If you are on a tight budget and are looking for something that will run minecraft without the expectation of doing modding or crazy shaders, look for used consoles. Ps4 and xbox one are going anywhere from 150 to 250 on offer up or other private selling style appsand usually come with a controller and a couple games sometimes. If the game(s) the seller is throwing in with is aren’t minecraft, then you can always sell those to get minecraft. They are built specific for games and will run basic minecraft just fine and its something that would be more practical and attainable than a crazy decked out gaming cumputer.

      1. Thank you, that’s what I’ve been looking for now,though I’ve not seen the Xbox one used for less than 300$…still looking though

    1. They can all run shaders, but not all of them will be able to run shaders and maintain high frame rates. If you’re wanting to run shaders and or other mods with good performance, it would be ideal to stick with our number one PC choice.

    1. Yes, all of the computers listed here will be able to run decent graphics. Although keep in mind that some computers on this list are better than others. Higher cost = better game performance

  2. Hello! Thank you for the info! I have been looking at the Alarco for my son. He loves minecraft, fortnight and roblox. He also likes to record his gaming and upload it to YouTube. I read one review on that PC that has made me rethink buying it. Do you think that one would be able to do all those things listed above? Thank you so much!!

  3. Hey Amanda. The Alarco PC will be able to do all of those things. It is a budget pick however, meaning it won’t have the fastest performance compared to the other computers in this list. Though it will still handle those tasks decently.

  4. I am looking at budget options for my 11-years-old who wants to play Minecraft Java. Could you tell me which of these is better or if none will work plus he could use for school work? The options are HP model 17-cp0035cl (AMD Ryzen 5, 12 gb DDR4-3200MHz RAM, 1TB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive, integrated AMD Radeon graphics) and MSI GF 63 15.6 (intel core i5, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 MaxQ, 8gb RAM, 256 gb storage)? Thanks in advance for looking!

    1. The MSI GF 63 would be better for Minecraft because it uses a dedicated graphics card. It should work pretty well for Minecraft and other games.

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