Average Gaming Playtime Report (2020)

Gaming’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, with hundreds of millions of people finding gaming as a new hobby. The popularity of gaming isn’t the only thing that has increased though. According to our studies, the average gamer is spending far more time playing video games than they ever have before.

With this Average Gaming Playtime Report (AGPR), we hope to educate and or entertain you with some engaging content from the current state of gaming.

The data that we provide comes from a survey in which we commissioned. This survey had 800 adult gamer participants who were asked a series of questions and identifiers so that we could gather insights about gaming habits. The data and graphics that we provide are free to use wherever, although crediting is required.

Read below to find out how much time gamers are really spending by playing video games.

Average Gaming Playtime

Based on current data, the average gamer is spending 8.6 hours per week playing video games, which equates to roughly 1.2 hours per day.

Average gaming playtime

If the average of 8.6 hours per week stays consistent throughout an entire year, the total time spent playing video games in one year would add up to two and a half weeks.

Assuming that the same numbers stayed consistent throughout someones entire adult life, the total gaming playtime would equate to 2.8 years, which is ~4% of a person’s lifetime.

Average gaming playtime in a lifetime

COVID-19’s Impact on Gaming Playtime

The data found shows that COVID-19 has in fact affected gaming playtime by a large degree – and it’s easy to understand why. With a pandemic happening, people don’t feel so inclined to go out for all of the many reasons. This means that people have found alternative ways to socialize and entertain themselves, one of those ways being online gaming. This had led to a major increase in the observed average playtime.

Prior to the Coronavirus, the average gamer’s weekly playtime was approximately 6.4 hours. During the Coronavirus, the average gamer’s weekly playtime is about 8.6 hours. The observed increase is drastic, coming in at roughly 34%.

Impact of Coronavirus on Gaming Playtime

Average Gaming Playtime, by Country

According to the data, German gamers rank number one for the most gaming playtime. The United Kingdom comes in at a close second, then followed by the United States. The global average ranks at number six, whereas the country with the least gaming playtime is South Korea.

The full list of data can be seen on the graphic below:

It’s clear that from the data we’re seeing, gamers are spending more time playing video games then they ever have before. COVID-19 has definitely played a major role into that factor, yet regardless of the pandemic, it seems that the overall playtime is increasing and will continue to as we move forward into a more digital future of socialization and entertainment.
Manning Taylor, Founder of GamingSmart


Here at GamingSmart, we are passionate about gaming and the study of it. That’s why we commissioned a survey with ~800 adult gamer participants so that we could find some interesting insights about the topic of gaming, and specifically about gaming playtime.

Before doing the survey, participants were asked a series of identifiers, such as demographics. By doing this, we were able to come up with some fascinating statistics – like how we found out which country gamed the most.

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